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The Company
We are all about developing creative solutions that we are very proud of -- that means it is visually appealing and engaging, it clearly communicates our client's key messages and successfully meets our client's business objectives. If those are the sorts of things that get you self-motivated, engaged and excited every day, then maybe you're the right team player we are looking for.

You will have a robust commitment to coding and programming excellence, and will know how to connect business objectives with innovative and cleaver online (web and app) solutions. You're kind, friendly, and can work closely with others to collaborate effectively with an a team of producers, strategist, designers and developers to create amazing work that clients are excited about, and users will engage with and want to share.

At Pace Creative, we are focused and passionate about creating valuable creative work that puts our customers' business objectives first, always. It is important for our clients to be successful so that we can grow with them.

We're constantly challenging ourselves to evolve and looking for ways to push ourselves and our projects. To do so, we need an back-end programmer who will bring a consistent level of awesome to our team-centered boutique environment. As one of Vancouver's fastest growing independently-owned full-service communication and marketing agencies, specializing in content marketing, we've built a reputation working with small and large businesses (mainly B2B) in Canada and Worldwide. Top companies turn to us for help with strategy, web, vr, apps, SEO and digital services.

This developer will work in-house on projects for external clients as well as internal projects. He or she will work with the account team, web designers, and graphic designers to create interactive web solutions for clients.

He or she will be expected to have the skills to take web projects from PSD to pixel perfect final release. This includes leveraging WordPress to create custom themed websites, developing standalone web tools, QA, and deployment.

The Position
• Lead by example: to inspire the rest of the team, giving precise, clear and honest guidance while helping others produce their best work, on-time and on-budget.
• Set the tone and pace for projects: through compelling PSDs, develop online solutions that are pixel perfect final releases.
• Provide clear direction: to UI/UX designers, producers, and junior developers on your team.
• Keep up with trends and best practices: when it comes to design, UI/UX, coding, testing and website development to ensure you are improving your work consistently.
• Advocate for the role of the developer: across all areas of the company, working with project managers, strategists, marketing, and designers in a team environment, taking ultimate responsibility for all development work of projects that you are in involved in.
• Communicate with clients: both through formal presentations and informal conversations, nurturing shared trust.
• Collaboration: Work closely with the producers and strategist to implement strategies and support the overall growth and health of the development team.

Essential Duties:
• Develop WordPress-driven websites as well as standalone applications using a variety of languages.
• Estimate project timelines and costs based on non-technical descriptions.
• Contribute insights and ideas and effectively communicate project status/challenges.
• Collaborate with various team members to produce solutions to technical problems.
• Assist junior developer(s) to complete tasks and improve their skills.
• Address errors and make necessary modifications as identified through QA processes.
• Prepare accurate documentation of websites and applications throughout the project lifecycle.
• Create user manuals and train clients on usage of WordPress back-end.

Required Skills & Experience:
• University degree or college diploma in computer science or related field, or significant equivalent experience.
• A minimum of 1 to 3 years of production programming experience.
• Advanced PHP & MySQL skills.
• Experience with WordPress theme development, or a strong focus on CMS development.
• Mastery of responsive, hand-coded HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
• Cross-browser compatibility with all major modern browsers: Chrome / IE / Firefox / Safari.
• Solid grasp of project development with git (or equivalent version control system)
• Basic experience with Apache and local development environments.
• Willingness to simultaneously tackle multiple projects and challenges.
• Must be able to cope in a high-pressure team environment that also requires the ability to work independently.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Ability to work under pressure, manage heavy workloads and meet tight deadlines.
• Basic understanding of graphic design processes and tools (i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.).

Desired Skills:
• Task automation (gulp, grunt)
• CSS Preprocessors (SASS, LESS)
• Package management (Composer, npm)
• Accessibility standards
• UX theory and best practices
• Linux webserver administration experience
• Familiarity with SSH and Linux command line
• Managing DNS and email services
• Familiarity with SEO best practices and web accessibility guidelines.

Is Pace Creative the right fit for you?
• No egos. You're confident enough in yourself to stand for excellence in developing visual solutions. You are confident enough to acknowledge alternative points of view, be a kind yet inspiring team member and know when to compromise for the greater good of the client, the project and the team. You are the first in and last one out, without doing it on purpose.
• Patient and approachable. You're respectful and generous with your time, manage stress very well when faced with deadlines and pressures. You are never too busy to support those around you with generous ideas, tactful advice, or just a suggestion to help someone's challenge.
• A clear vision. You've been involved in many, many successful web, branding and digital projects, as well as application designs. You know what you want and are able to explain it with patience and conviction, building consensus through honest persuasion and confidence.
• Time Management. You know how to handle many different projects and tasks during the day perfectly and precisely so that you feel proud, satisfied and fulfilled.
• Experienced, Dedicated and Passionate. You're experienced and very motivated to improve to be even more successful as an Art Director. You have at least two years or more while still maintaining a passion for all things design. You look at typefaces on menus at restaurants, go to museums regularly, stare at buildings to appreciate their architecture, attend art and cultural events to get inspired, and go to plays to enjoy the stage, the acting and overall production. You appreciate the design for everything from web to social to print, and turn big-picture business goals into effective campaigns and initiatives. You know about all the industry trends, and know that there's a time and a place for everything.
• Master the tools and when to use them. Photoshop? Love it. Illustrator? In my sleep. jQuery? No problem. WordPress? My Favorite!
• Top-notch communication skills. Communication is a critical component of design, so your communication skills--written, verbal, and visual--are solid. You're able to articulate ideas and principles with clarity and precision, in a style that suits the purpose of the project and its context.
• Sense of humour. Life is too short to take yourself too seriously. You're relaxed but professional, casual but respectful. You come to work every day with a big smile and ready to have a good time.

About Pace Creative
Our wages are competitive. Overtime is an exception, not the rule. We offer medical and dental benefits as well as profit sharing. Our flexible working environment is located in downtown Vancouver and is easily accessible by bus, SeaBus, SkyTrain, and West Coast Express. We are looking for someone who is looking to be part of our core team and to be a part of our agency for the long-term. This is not just another job.

If you are passionate about communication, marketing, coding/programming, design and have an interest in working in a highly productive and collaborative environment, we want to hear from you today. Please send your resume, cover letter and portfolio with projects URLs to recruiting [@] creativepace.com.

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