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Have you ever considered networking as a recruitment tool?  According to Business LinkedIn, social professional networks rank as a #1 source for quality hires. However, for some individuals, building and maintaining professional networks can be a daunting experience.

As any kind of skill, mastering networking comes through dedicated practice and knowledge of essential networking tips. We have created this easy instruction to help you learn the ways you can successfully use networking for recruitment:

1. Be an active member of your community

Whether you are hiring for creative or tech industries, make sure to check out some local networking events for recruiters using sites such as or Meetup is a great source that offers a wide range of events  to attend which can narrowed down according to the industry or your interests. Here is an easy instruction on how to find events including  networking events for recruiters in your area.

After choosing an event to attend, it is time to prepare. Remember – you don’t always have to go to networking events with your colleagues – you can always choose to go solo. Studies show that people who go to networking events alone tend to receive more connections than people who go to events with their colleagues who usually end up only talking to each other.  

Advice #1: Step outside of your comfort zone, go solo to the networking events and don’t forget to bring your business cards!

2. Use your existing networks

Many recruiters don’t often notice that their most valuable networking tool is actually right there, and it is free. Any guesses what it might be?

Yes, it is your already existing networks.

Don’t underestimate the power of your existing networks – they can be a great tool whether you are looking for a new employee or looking for another business opportunity. Here are some places where you can check for your potential candidates:

Your professional network

If you use LinkedIn, make sure to stay in touch with your existing connections and keep them up to date with your career changes. Also, don’t be shy to check your connections’ networks for new leads. According to Business LinkedIn, companies can expand their talent pool by x10 times by hiring through their employees’ networks.

Your alumni network

If you went to a college or university, you can always connect with your former classmates, professors, mentors or people you have met during your college years.  You can check online platforms such as Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook to find your alumni group network.

Family, friends

Although some people might not consider this one as a professional way of finding job candidates, studies show that 35% of people tend to refer their friends to open job postings.

Advice #2: Use the power of your existing networks and don’t be shy while doing it.

3. Make LinkedIn your #1 Friend

Established in 2003, LinkedIn has over 500 million users and it has always stayed true to its mission – it helps to connect professionals across the boundaries. LinkedIn offers features such as LinkedIn Recruiter to post job openings, Alumni Networks, InMail messaging, network suggestions, and many other cool features that can help you build your professional network wisely. 

With all these opportunities in hand, it would be smart to use LinkedIn as part of your employee recruiting strategy. LinkedIn can help you exponentially grow your networks for recruitment and get many passive leads. But hey, passive does not mean that they are less qualified – they are just not searching the job actively enough.

It can also help you to stay in touch and nurture your relationships with professionals you have met during networking events.  After the event, you can always write a personal message and tailor the message according to the information on their LinkedIn page.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the networking basics for recruiters and benefits of networking.  Here is a quick summary of our points:

Tip #1: Attend your local industry networking events and be an active part of your community. Set yourself goals such as attending 1 or 2 such events every month depending on your schedule

Tip #2: Use your existing professional networks to get more qualified candidates

Tip #3: Make LinkedIn your #1 friend and part of your employee recruiting strategy.

After attending all the networking events and building your professional network on LinkedIn, it is time to select candidates for the new job opening. Check out our  3 Tips for Hiring your Next Team Member to learn three essentials for hiring the right member for your team.

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