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3 Tips for Hiring your Next Team Member

Skills vs Attitude What are you hiring for? Often times, managers who are focusing too much on the skills add members on their team with the wrong attitude and are missing emotional intelligence. We all agree that some basic ...
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7 Tips for Working from Home as a Creative

So, you’ve decided you want to work from home! Maybe you’re fed up with commuting, or maybe you want to work with less interruptions and distractions. Whatever the reason, you’re ready to take the plunge. But before you jump ...
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How to Write a Good Job Description

Got an exciting job opening at your company, but struggling to come up with a description that will also excite potential job candidates? Creating a good job description that engages and appeals to candidates can be ...
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8 Tips for Answering “What’s your Greatest Weakness?”

It’s a question asked all too often in interviews – “what is your greatest weakness?” It can seem like a trick question, or maybe the interviewer is trying to trip you up and weed you out as a candidate. As...
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6 tips to being a great project manager in the creative industry

From increasing employee retention to simply enjoying your day-to-day work life, there are many reasons why you may want to brush up on your managing skills. More often than not, good management leads to inspired teams who in ...
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How to Build your Personal Brand in just 5 Steps

What is a personal brand? Why should you care? Your mind may go straight to social media influencers with thousands of followers – but branding yourself is important for everyone! It is about providing a value in one or ...
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How to Explain the 4 Most Common Resume Gaps

Have you ever been caught off guard in an interview when they ask, “It looks like there is quite a gap in employment on your resume, what were you doing during this time?” If yes, you’re not alone. Whether you...
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Keep Calm and Job Hunt On: How to Stay Motivated While Searching for Work

Searching for a job can be discouraging: reviewing job boards, updating your resume, writing a custom cover letter, and submitting your application; then doing it all over again. Sometimes you get an interview – hurrah! And ...
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6 Tips and Tricks for Your Next Live Video Interview

Video interviews are becoming an increasingly popular method for employers to engage in face-to-face conversation with potential hires. Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular, as it offers a similar level of ...
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Is It Time to Make a Change? Tips for Switching Careers

Ever wake up in the morning, absolutely dreading having to go to work? Every once in a while this feeling can strike, and for most people, it is but a momentary feeling. But what about those people that wake up,...
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